Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Just to let you know

I have been struggling with some significant health issues.
I seem to have been catapulted into a season of pain and sleeplessness
I am hoping that this is just a season and a very temporary problem.
However the current health problems and distractions have made it 
impossible for me to concentrate on my card making and paper-crafting
some days I struggle to think clearly 
because of the pain and the effects of my medication.
Therefore, I have had to step back from my dream of being 
an active independent Stampin' Up business demonstrator
I am still registered as a demo right now 
but that's as a hobbyist, although I can still order products for anyone
but I will not be doing any business focused demonstrations classes or sales drives.

I really don't know right now what the future holds
I am still happy to help anyone with techniques or products etc
I absolutely love Stampin' Up products 
and have had immense fun making cards etc for classes etc 
and meeting new, lovely people
but I am not able to sit at my desk for any length of time 
without acute pain, and to be honest I am a bit stressed
so I am putting my feet up and crocheting until this situation changes
that might sound like I am giving up, but no
I am just taking control of a bad situation
and trying my best to be good to myself.

I am gonna be spending extra time with my husband and my family
enjoying the most precious treasures of my life
they make my heart sing

God bless you all xx

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