Thursday, 22 September 2016


hello friends
This week has been a blahhh week. One of those weeks where I just dont feel up to the mark healthwise. I had more laser eye surgery on Tuesday which I have to admit really hurt this time, and I am still a bit sore (thats unusual though!) I just cannot cope with the bright light he shines into my eye to line up his next load of zapps.  It was mentioned that he will probably inject my eye to freeze it next time....GASP.... the very thought of that makes me wanna run off somewhere till its all done! I'm struggling with a sore throat n tongue too so not going out today as planned.
Talking of plans.....I am busy today working on ideas for my first video tutorial. I hope to be posting it up to Youtube and here on my blog by next Thursday, well thats the plan! It's quite nerve wracking getting the first one done.
I am sure I will feel a lot more confident when I have done 3 or 4! I have heard it said that the first step into anything is usually the biggest! and another quote I have heard is...failing to plan is planning to fail! so with that in mind I'm planning lol
One great thing has happened this week which has really made me concrete ramp has been built so that I have good independant access to my home!!!

Therefore, I dont need to have massive amounts of strength or someone else to get my wheelchair in or out, and thats gonna make a big difference to me.
I just have to wait untill the railings have been made and fitted for it to be complete but it is usable now yay \o/ and just in time for the winter :o)

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hello Again

Hello Again
I have been taking a break over the last couple of months because of ill health after spending some time in hospital again. Meanwhile I have been thinking through the ways I spend my time (and money) in the hope of finding a formula that fits well for me. After much thought I found that yes I do wanna be an Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator, I still have that desire within me, but I need to take it a little slower than I first planned, Gving myself a good time of recovery. So rather than finding somewhere local to hold classes and be out there in the public I decided to try sticking to more of a web based formula to begin with. at least that way if I don't feel so good I can still take a rest with less pressure.

Therefore, I have bought a 2nd hand Sony Handycam digital movie camera. We, (Kev and I) have been working on the best way to set up the camera to record my tutorials. I have had lots of advice passed on from Jan B who makes really good video tutorials. I have been learning so much on how to set up, edit videos and produce something which I hope will be watchable!
Believe me its been such a steep learning curve but I am determined to do it. I have been cramming my head full of video making info, using windows movie maker and viewing videos to see how other crafty people have done it. One of the barriers I need to get over is my voice,  I really don't like it much lol but I suppose the totally real barrier is self confidence and self criticism! I can be my worst critic! but hey I can get over that too!
I am already set up with a Stampin' Up retail store so it's easy to buy through me now ;o) if you want to view the annual or holiday catalogue on line and perhaps buy products through me here's the link, I would love the opportunity to earn your business. Alternatively you can find the 2 current catalogues in my sidebar on the right! Christmas is coming and the new Holiday 2016 catalogue is full of  S U fabulous products and projects just right for Christmas handmade cards and crafts. I think if I have learned anything recently it's to do what makes me smile and enjoy it. Well for me thats spending time with the important people in my life and papercrafting! thats what brings out the smiles!
Over this next week I hope to be uploading my first tutorial to YouTube with an easy but lovely card. Ideally I hope to upload at least once a week a card that can be made with Stampin' Up products in 3 example one stamp set =3 different cards! or show you a fab technique to get the most out of your papercrafting experience. After all, we are all learning, whether seasoned crafters or complete beginners, creating something is such fun and even more so when it's to give to someone else!

I'm also thinking through how to put together good card making kits and perhaps a stamp club but first I need to get out there on the internet and find some customers. its kinda like that ancient question...what comes first the chicken or the egg?....The customers or the incentives?

If in the end all I end up doing is having some fun with the camera, making a few cards, and maybe even being able to fund my Stampin Up hobby spending I will still be happy.

So if you have some idea's that would help me get going then all suggestions would be gratefully recieved, although setting up a club at home is not possible as I dont have the space at home.
so here's to the next week and the new video tutorials!