Friday, 24 July 2015

Baby Bear Centre Step Card

I have been very busy designing some baby cards which I will be selling. This version is a centre step card with a personalised greeting featuring my sitting down Boo Bear, here's a close up I think he is so cute!
Greetings changed to your requirements!
The centre step card base is created using good quality white linen card which has been embossed with swirls then the pretty mock lacy blanket background is cut and embossed using baby blue card, baby feet, stars and the banner are also cut from the same pastel baby blue card
The cross is cut from white card. Faux Pearls accentuate parts of the finished card

as you can see this card is made with a greeting for grandparents to give to their baby grandson on his Christening day
But I can make this greeting for the occasions of
Birth, Dedication, Christening, Baptism, Adoption.
The baby names will appear on the banner as supplied by the customer when ordering but if the names are too long the font or font size may need to be altered to make them fit!
the greeting can be changed to 
"Congratulations on the Birth of Your Beautiful Bay Son
or anything else that fits

The cross will only be added onto
Christening, |Baptism, Dedication cards. 
or by customer request on birth or other cards

I am just going over to Etsy now to create a listing for this card
and my other cards as I finalise the designs

all of my cards unless otherwise stated are available in white with pale blue, pale pink, lemon, lilac and pale mint green accents

other card designs will include..
baby pram  die cut
baby in a sling die cut
baby bear stamped images
baby bear die cut (as this one is)
Boo Bear (die cut) with age numbers for children
die cut bunting names
watch this blog for more information 
and samples as the become available

All of my cards are created in my smoke free studio 
I have a West Highland Terrier (LULU)  but she doesn't play 
with my card making stash as she doesnt have any thumbs1

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Thankful, Blessed and on Track!

I'm so thankful and so blessed. At the beginning of the year on new years eve I always make lists after praying through the Christmas period. These lists will include what I want to stop doing and what I want to do more of! what I want to achieve and where I want to go! Goals for the coming year! even which rooms to decorate or new furniture etc we want to get. Not new years resolutions! that doesn't work for me, but goals to work towards. One of the major goals for 2015 was to spend more time with my son and his family. We set our goal at every 6 to 8 weeks. well I am glad to say we are well on track with that as we got together in  March & April for 4 birthdays, May and June for fun and Matt came and decorated for me in February so that was almost every month so far \o/
I have particularly enjoyed spending quality time with my family this month as firstly they came to stay with us for the weekend
(24-26 /06) so that Ethan could go to the Lytham Club day procession, Matthew & Michaela needed a break too.

He enjoyed the  procession and the time on the beach at Fleetwood on a beautiful summer's day, it was just what the doctor ordered for all of us as there had been stress and severe battles in all of our lives.
It was such a special relaxing time. Then on Sunday before returning home to Wednesbury, Ethan and Michaela popped into the church BBQ to meet the folk that have been praying for Ethan. Wow that made my heart sing!!!
Ethan went to get a burger and came back with a plate full of them, I gasped, Ethan you cant have that many!!! "Nanna" said Ethan "I am serving" then he went round and offered them to folk...I smiled so much I beamed! that made my day! I spent the rest of the week with them at there house and although I was poorly with a bad cold then chest infection I enjoyed staying with them. Michaela really looked after me and we caught up on our favourite programme "Don't Tell the Bride" Bless you Michaela xx
2015 New years List...
Here are some of the other things on my 2015 list.....

  • I want to go to the Isle of White for our holiday never been there bt always wanted to.
  • I also would love to see a white Peacock in real life, although I will have to find one !!? 
  • I have already lost some weight although not dieting as such.
  • I am still trying not to jump into situations and say the wrong thing without prayerfully listening first that's mostly working!
  • But to be honest the no chocolate rule hasn't worked yet! 
  • We have decorated the lounge 
  • And have a new cooker 
So I am very happy that most of the list is being or has been acted upon, just gotta book that holiday now! so, even though I am still feelin very rough I am thanking God for all that's been achieved in this first six months of 2015.
And for my awesome husband Kev and family Matthew, Michaela and Ethan who give me many reasons to be a joyful wife, mother and grandmother...Thank You Jesus!